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Supporting the Customer Journey to Modern Endpoint Security and AI-Powered XDR

At Trellix, we are wildly passionate about our customers. We are also passionate about pushing innovation to deliver the most comprehensive cybersecurity platform for our customers. We lead more than 40,000 customers on their cybersecurity journey as they evolve and improve their security posture. Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate the threat of AI to grow and the need for an AI-powered extended detection and response (XDR) solution to be more crucial than ever.

No one is better suited than Trellix to combat these modern threats. Don’t take it from me, listen to everyday users, the cybersecurity practitioners, as well as industry experts, who continue to recognize Trellix as the cybersecurity company delivering one of the most comprehensive security suites and the best AI-powered XDR solution. See the highlight reel of great sentiments and recognitions from 2023 as we anticipate more innovation and partnership in 2024!

Highlights From Trellix Customers:

  • “We are a core Trellix customer, meaning we have almost everything when it comes to endpoint and cloud security from Trellix. The Trellix Endpoint Protection Platform stops threats before they occur, and Trellix EDR helps us to get more visibility and answer questions after the fact.” - Dennis W., IT Security Manager at SMS Group
  • "It’s very difficult to manage disconnected solutions. Trellix has consolidated our approach and helped bring order to the chaos." - Ala Asali, Chief Security Officer, Arab National Bank
  • "Trellix was the only provider that could manage their own suite of interrelated security products. That was a huge differentiator for me. Not only do they have that product knowledge, they are also able to rapidly incorporate intel from their industry-leading incident response team directly into the products.” - Manager of IT Infrastructure, Canadian subsidiary of global law firm
  • “The intuitive dashboard and detailed insights have greatly enhanced our ability to monitor and manage endpoint security. With its proactive approach and minimal impact on system performance, Trellix has become an invaluable asset to our cybersecurity strategy.” - IT Manager, Banking Industry
  • “The most trustworthy security solution from an endpoint perspective.” - IT Lead, IT Services Industry

2023 Industry and Analyst Recognitions:

Supporting The Customer Journey

For a more comprehensive list of recognitions, please visit Trellix Industry Recognitions. We are proud to have broad industry recognition, but we are passionate about serving our customers in their cybersecurity journey. To hear more about our customers, visit the Trellix Customer Stories page to learn more about success stories from leading cybersecurity teams and experts.

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