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Protecting reputation, data with cutting-edge Trellix solutions

A major law firm's Canadian subsidiary has adopted an XDR-based cyber strategy

Legal Industry

Headquartered in Canada, this subsidiary of a global law firm serves multi-national, Global 1000, Fortune 500 enterprises, emerging companies, and government and public-sector organizations with a wide range of legal solutions.

Solutions and services
  • Removed the challenges associated with disparate solutions from different vendors
  • Reduced exposure to risk of reputational damage, loss of client trust
  • Avoided privacy law violations that typically result in millions of dollars in fines per breach
  • Improved visibility and streamlined response to events for better peace of mind

For law firms, protecting client data is of paramount importance

Cybersecurity is a critical IT priority within the legal sector. Law firms are often privy to highly sensitive information about their clients. If their systems were to be compromised, they could suffer significant reputational damage and loss of client trust.

In Canada, these risks are particularly acute: all Canadian companies are subject to provincial and national privacy laws that require security breaches to be publicly reported.

A Canadian subsidiary of a global law firm therefore decided it should manage its cybersecurity at the regional level, focusing its resources on its unique security requirements.

However, the subsidiary was running security tools from multiple vendors, each of which required its own, independent set of management and response procedures. The subsidiary’s two-person security team was concerned that it lacked the necessary context and visibility to confidently protect the firm’s infrastructure.

“We had no formal system, and no formal team,” noted the firm’s Manager of IT Infrastructure. “It was all ad hoc.”

The subsidiary became increasingly concerned about its risk exposure. “Reputationally, the consequences of a successful breach of our firm’s infrastructure could have been severe,” the IT Infrastructure Manager noted.

Evolved security posture features integrated detection and response

To address its concerns and reduce its risks, the firm implemented an integrated suite of Trellix solution.

The firm deployed the Trellix suite in a phased approach. Once complete, the suite of solutions—Trellix Helix, Trellix Network Security, Trellix EDR - Forensics, and Trellix Email Security - Cloud—equipped the firm to leverage the cybersecurity solutions as a mature Trellix Extended Detection and Response (XDR) framework.

"Trellix was the only provider that could manage their own suite of interrelated security products. That was a huge differentiator for me. Not only do they have that product knowledge, they are also able to rapidly incorporate intel from their industry leading incident response team directly into the products.”

Manager of IT Infrastructure, Canadian subsidiary of global law firm

Comprehensive cybersecurity strategy helps protect precious client trust

Leveraging Trellix solutions within an XDR framework simplified the law firm subsidiary’s security procedures. The subsidiary has better visibility into its environment and more confidence in its ability to manage and prioritize alerts and responses.

This, in turn, reduced the risk that the subsidiary could suffer a security breach. The subsidiary is less likely to incur the multimillion dollar fines that are assessed, under Canadian privacy laws, when customer data is compromised. The firm is also better protected against the risk that its reputation as a trusted legal partner could be damaged by a cybersecurity incident.

"Our procedures have simplified due to having more fidelity, visibility and confidence around the alerts that we receive with Trellix XDR,” the Manager of IT Infrastructure concluded. “Compared to where we were five years ago, that’s a huge step forward."

Manager of IT Infrastructure, Canadian subsidiary of global law firm

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