Trellix Data Security Suites

Protect the Data Lifecycle

Protect against data loss and theft

Secure Critical Data

Available in two suites, Trellix Complete Data Protection keeps data safe with enterprise-grade drive encryption, access control, and user behavior monitoring.

Manage Endpoint Encryption with a Single Console

Manage Apple FileVault on macOS and Microsoft BitLocker on Windows PCs via Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator.

Protect Data on Removable Media and the Cloud

Secure network file shares and protect removable media such as USB flash drives and data in cloud storage services.

Product Features

Trellix is uniquely positioned to solve all your cybersecurity needs


SUnprecedented visibility across the most common threat vectors in your environment to discover, classify, and protect sensitive and proprietary information.


Detect data events and stop data exfiltration with monitoring, alerting, and blocking features applied across your enterprise from a single console.

Centralized Management

Deploy policies, manage users and groups, track events in real-time, and make reporting easy with a central management console that can scale to any size enterprise.

Real-time Events

Track data events in real-time, manage and report on encryption status, and integrate with third-party tools for incident management to ensure a swift response.

Integrations and Connections

Connect with third-party tools for key activities like data classification, orchestration, and incident response to create a seamless and simplified technology ecosystem.

Compliance and Industry Standards

Speed up compliance and support risk management activities with out of the box policies, reports, and encryption features that ensure you meet industry standards.

Complete Data Protection suites

Trellix Complete Data Protection
Trellix Complete Data Protection—Advanced
Trellix Complete Data Protection
Trellix Complete Data Protection—Advanced
Drive Encryption

Removable Media Encryption

File, Folder, and Cloud Storage Encryption

FileVault and BitLocker Management

Centralized Management

Device Control

Data Loss Prevention

Take the next step toward living security for your data