Trellix Data Encryption

Protect enterprise and removable device data.

Trellix Data Encryption offers a full range of products to safeguard data and devices from unauthorized access. These products are offered individually or combined in packages to protect information across the data life cycle.

Product Features

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Trellix Drive Encryption offers feature-rich, highly compliant protection with multi-user authentication options.

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Get simplified, central management of Microsoft BitLocker and Apple FileVault with Trellix Native Drive Encryption.

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With Trellix File & Removable Media Protection, set the standard for secure data sharing across networks, within file systems, and via portable memory devices.

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Deploy policies through a single management console, monitor encryption status in real-time, and generate reports for compliance.

Trellix Data Encryption Products

Trellix Drive Encryption

Provides a feature-rich solution for organizations that administer multiple users on a single device, as well as enterprises that are required to meet industry regulations and compliance standards.

  • Control which users devices and users access the network through authentication
  • Protect data on devices from brute force attacks
  • Manage policies, users and groups through a single platform integrated with Active Directory
  • Meets standards for National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-111 compliance and is FIPS 140-2 validated
  • Generate reports needed for audits and compliance, including if a device is lost or stolen

Trellix Native Drive Encryption

Centralizes and simplifies the management of Microsoft Bitlocker and Apple Filevault.

  • Protects data on devices that are lost or stolen
  • Deploy through a single console available on premises or via SaaS
  • Turns on pin features to enhance security
  • Collects, manages and rotates encryption keys to aid in activities like enterprise recovery
  • Report on devices by operating system and get visibility across the environment

Trellix File and Removable Media

Enforces policy-based encryption and requires authentication for access to files and removable media device contents, both inside and outside the organization’s network.

  • Compatible with Windows and macOS devices, offering a variety of authentication methods
  • Protects against the unauthorized removal of sensitive data from corporate devices
  • Ensures that users are authorized to access encrypted files, folders, network shares and data on removable media devices
  • Integration with Active Directory to manage assignment of encryption keys
  • Supports portable encryption of email attachments using a self-extractor
  • Deploy and manage policies through a single console with full compliance capabilities, including auditing and reporting

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