Trellix Database Security

Find and defend databases and the information they contain.

Trellix Database Security performs comprehensive discovery to find existing databases across an environment and then identifies where sensitive and proprietary data resides within those databases. Protect sensitive information in databases from accidental leakage or intentional exploitation while maintaining performance and managing user access. Evaluate and defend all leading database types including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Postgres, MySQL, and more.

Trellix Database Security offers robust features for activity monitoring, vulnerability management, and virtual patching. Simplify deployment, reporting, and tracking through a single on-premises management console. Flexible license options and product packages offer options to purchase Trellix Database Security as a stand-alone product or as part of a package to protect sensitive and proprietary information across the data life cycle. 

Product Features

Comprehensive database discovery
Find and classify sensitive information such as payment card data, ID numbers, and more
Manage user access to database information
Apply controls specific to regulatory and industry standard frameworks (GDPR, BSI, CIS)
Identify and block attempts to access sensitive information
Identify and alert on abnormal usage
Address vulnerabilities quickly with little to no downtime
Apply patches as soon as they become available
Provide extra security when patches are not an option
Achieve compliance objectives through real-time monitoring, policy enforcement, and auditing
Find misconfigurations, identify code issues, and missing patches
Perform regular security checks to ensure database health

Trellix expert professionals can also help with implementation and training to speed up adoption and ensure that the value of new technology is realized quickly.

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