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Solving Security Challenges with Trellix Solutions

Seeking a solution for common security challenges


About Trellix

The Trellix Security Operations Center (SOC) is using the open and native Trellix Living extended detection and response (XDR) SecOps Platform to manage advanced threats and stay confident in the protection and resilience of their operations.

Solutions and services
  • Decreases mean time to respond with automated security policy orchestration
  • Leverages existing tools with open integrations and unified processes
  • Detects advanced threats with machine learning, AI, and real-time cyber intelligence

Seeking a solution for common security challenges

In a recent survey of IT and cybersecurity professionals conducted in conjunction with analyst firm, ESG, Trellix found that SecOps are looking to XDR for advanced threat detection and prioritization, as well as to improve staff productivity.

The Trellix Security Operations Center (SOC) team is no different.

"Trellix has deployed our best-in-class products into our own environment, with confidence in their enhanced capabilities. Our XDR provides a holistic approach to responding to threats with product telemetry, threat intelligence, and machine learning across all security layers."

Harold Rivas, Chief Information Security Officer, Trellix

Multi-technology portfolio addresses the promise of XDR

A result of the merger of McAfee Enterprise and FireEye, Trellix was launched as a company in early 2022 to provide XDR solutions with automation, machine learning, extensible architecture, and threat intelligence.

The leader of the Trellix Security Operations Center (SOC) team is Carlos Gonzalez. Manager, Info Security, Bernadette Moloney and security analysts Lauren Driscoll and Niamh O’Connell round out the team.

For data protection, endpoint security, and analytics, the Trellix SOC team uses Trellix EDR, Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), Trellix Helix, and Trellix Insights, which are all core components of the living security Trellix XDR.

Trellix XDR offerings seamlessly integrate with the company’s broad portfolio of endpoint, email, network, cloud, and other security products. It also easily connects with third-party security apps. This functionality is helpful for new analysts to come up to speed because they don’t have to learn multiple ways of reading logs; they’re all the same, and they’re all in the same place.

"From an investigation standpoint, having everything in one place is a lot easier for an analyst. It saves us from having to log into multiple tools and then perform different search queries to get the information. Instead, you see the big picture."

Lauren Driscoll, Security Analyst, Trellix

Accelerating the effectiveness of security operations

Trellix Security Operations Center

“Our XDR solutions have improved detections and productivity for our SOC, enabling the organization to quickly and efficiently respond, enhancing our resilience and cyber response to potential threats. Our world-class capabilities outperform traditional platforms, eliminating operational inefficiencies that had negatively impacted our customers’ SOC performance, “said Gonzalez.

"Trellix XDR solutions are vital tools in their ability to quickly capture the threat exposure of our environment and enhance our decision making to address and mitigate cyber risk."

Carlos Gonzalez, Head of Security Operations, Trellix

The Trellix XDR solutions offers a unified experience that gives users the power to detect advanced attacks across all vectors, predict and prevent emerging threats, and prioritize the most critical security concerns.

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