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Time to Drive Change by Challenging the Challengers

This past year has proven the sheer willpower of bad actors as they reached new heights of infiltration and success. Just as we evolve life by crawling before we can walk, bad actors have been honing their skills year over year, breach over breach, to grow faster and stronger. While 2020 saw ransomware payments amount to a few million dollars per attack, 2021 proved the voracious appetite bad actors truly have as their succeeded at their goals.

Statistics across the board show how successful they have become. It seems like bad actors are determined to top each data point in their quest to overpower and outwit the organizations they attack. So how do you combat these daunting data points?

By partnering with a security provider just as hungry, invested and eager to thwart and resolve threats as bad actors are at their infiltration attempts. It’s time for businesses to regain control and confidence by recognizing and embracing a shift from reactivity to proactivity as the way forward. This push includes adopting strategies and architectures that allow security to work for your business predictably and autonomously instead of working harder and putting more effort, investment, and resources behind safeguarding than you may have.

Trellix is the catalyst for bringing security to life. We’ve listened to our customers and their desire for resiliency no matter what challenges or obstacles the future may hold. Our goal is to be world-class in extended detection and response (XDR), delivering the benefits that can be gained when you eliminate the distance between intelligence and action.

We are in lockstep with our customers and prepared to embark on this next generation of security together. Our approach empowers them to move beyond static and siloed security, which bad actors have proven time and again to outmatch. Our threat intelligence makes it faster and easier to prioritize what matters.

Our evolved XDR framework is rooted in its ability to adaptively strengthen detection through machine learning analytics, equating to always-on learning in the face of dynamic threat actors. We enable this automation by not limiting choice but expanding it. Extensive native integrations coupled with a broad network of API partnerships allow you to create configurations optimized to your needs. In addition, our experts leverage their SecOps knowledge to act as an extension of your team all while you have the ability to embed security to achieve even greater efficiencies.

We know this next chapter in security is more than just a fresh point of view or new collection of buzzwords because we know what is at stake. Just as bad actors have consistently advanced to overcome the odds stacked against them, businesses need to mimic the same agility and adaptation in real-time.

At Trellix, this challenge rejuvenates us, and we strive to pass this same sentiment to the customers and partners we serve. Together we can prove how this reborn life and purpose can reinstate the confidence you may have lost by proving what can be accomplished when you integrate detection, response and remediation across endpoints, infrastructure, cloud, applications, collaboration, users and data.

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