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Ransomware Detection & Response Virtual Showcase

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Knowing the dangers of ransomware is one thing. Putting together an action plan to take back control and build cyber resilience is another.

At the Trellix Ransomware Detection and Response Virtual Showcase we’ll focus on the plans, tools, and architectures you need to build a ransomware detection and response program and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Register now, and you will:

  • Walk away with a set of actionable next steps to build and execute a ransomware detection and response program
  • Learn what industry-leading CISOs have done to overcome attackers, including the tools they’ve used, reference architectures, and how they put their plans into place
  • See real-world defenses in action with a deep dive demo of the AI-powered Trellix XDR platform

Agenda at a Glance

Deep Dive and Demo
Fireside Chat
Closing Remarks
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Graham Cluley

Security Analyst

Jim Jenkins

VP, Information Security & ISO
Vantage West Credit Union

Harold Rivas
Harold Rivas


Fabien Rech
Fabien Rech


Brian Brown
Brian Brown

Director, Technical Marketing


Welcome and Opening Remarks
Fabien Rech - SVP, EMEA Sales, Trellix
The Crazy World of Ransomware
Graham Cluley - Security Analyst
Get ready to dive headfirst into the crazy world of ransomware in an eye-opening presentation from cyber expert Graham Cluley. He will guide you through the dark alleys of the digital underworld, uncovering notorious threat actors and how their plans were foiled.
From Crisis to Control: A CISO’s Experience with Ransomware
Harold Rivas - CISO, Trellix
In the aftermath of a ransomware incident, here’s how an industry-leading CISO put an action plan into place. Trellix’s CISO shares what he did to combat ransomware and how he did it.
Fireside Chat: How Cybersecurity Leaders Are Building Ransomware Resilient Organizations
Harold Rivas - CISO, Trellix
Jim Jenkins - VP, Information Security & ISO, Vantage West Credit Union
Learn from a CISO-level discussion about concrete steps leaders can take to move their organizations up the maturity curve for ransomware detection and response.
Closing Remarks
Fabien Rech - SVP, EMEA Sales, Trellix

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