Trellix XDR demo

Amol Mathur, SVP of Product Management & Marketing


How do you reach the best possible outcome in the face of dynamic cyberthreats?

It’s all about being prepared and quickly responding to the constantly changing threat landscape.

In this video, Amol Mathur demonstrates how Trellix XDR expertly guides you at all stages of the attack cycle. Watch the demo to see how you can:

  • Gain rich, contextualized data from across your entire security environment
  • Access comprehensive response playbooks and step-by-step remediation guides
  • Explore expert recommendations to prevent future incidents

Talk to your sales rep for more details on how to take the next step in your security evolution with Trellix XDR.

Gain full visibility and control

Simplify analyst experiences by connecting siloed solutions in an open, flexible enterprise platform.

Increase detection speed and accuracy

Filter out the noise by using AI and ML to quickly collect, process, analyze, and act upon data from point products.

Supercharge security operations

Automate threat mitigation and prevention with easy access to customized playbooks, actionable intelligence, and guided response workflows.