FireEye Support and Services

Trellix product support for all products formerly known as FireEye is now Trellix Thrive.
Please see the Trellix Thrive Program Service Descriptions for more information.

Other Services and Recommendations

Proactive Support

Proactive Support is available by default for some Trellix products previously known as FireEye. Through Proactive Support, Trellix receives certain information from the customer’s Trellix product previously known as FireEye, including:

  • Operational Information, including version information for the Operating System (OS), patch levels, guest images, and security contents.
  • Trellix License Information for content delivery and support services.
  • Appliance Health including status information about environmental variables, such as operating temperature, components such as fans and hard disk drive, along with System Activity Report (SAR) data.
  • Appliance Statistics. Basic statistics about the appliances such as number of agents (for endpoint products), IOC count and number of host sets created.
  • Throughput Measurements. For customers who have purchased network Products, monitoring of volume of throughput for each appliance is provided, which helps determine whether the Trellix appliance is running at optimal capacity and can also help identify detection efficacy, debugging deployment issues, and capacity planning.
  • Statistics of Critical Subsystems Capacity. Monitoring of critical subsystems such as interface status, packet counts, number of flows, broken or asymmetric flows, binaries, packet loss, protocol-based stats, memory usage, and kernel level information, to help determine optimal operation.

In some cases, Proactive Support triggers a support case, enabling the Customer to review system health information and take corrective action where necessary.

Customers purchasing 1-way DTI content delivery who do not wish to receive Proactive Support must notify Trellix that they wish to decline Proactive Support, by opening a support case to make the request. If Customer does not so notify Trellix that it wishes to decline Proactive Support, Trellix will provision Proactive Support. Proactive Support will be provided for all Customers purchasing 2-way DTI content delivery.

Technology Preview/Early Access Program

Trellix may make some technology, preview features, support functionality or services, or other offerings available on an early access, preview or beta basis, either at no charge or for a fee. These features are not intended for production use, may not be fully supported, and may not be stable. Such features are provided "as is" without warranty. Trellix reserves the right to charge fees for preview or beta features if fully released.

Spare Parts

For customers in mission-critical environments, Trellix recommends the purchase of a hot or cold standby system, as well as spare disk drives and power supplies. In the event of component failure, the standby system or spare part can be swapped in while Trellix Support analyzes the original failed system or part and determines whether it can be fixed or must be replaced

A hot standby system is expected to be up and running so that it may be “hot-swapped” in the event of a production system failure. It must therefore be purchased with a support contract and subscription(s), for example, DTI. Through the Trellix RMA process, the hot standby system becomes the permanent replacement for a defective production system and thus inherits the contractual entitlements of the defective production system it replaced. The RMA replacement system will become the new hot standby system and therefore assumes the contractual entitlements of its hot standby predecessor.

A cold standby system is not sold with a support contract or subscription(s), and must not be powered on1. In the event of a production system failure, the cold standby system is powered on and, through the Trellix RMA process for products formerly known as FireEye, it becomes the permanent replacement for the defective production system and is thus provided with the contractual entitlements of the defective production system it replaced. The RMA replacement system will become the new cold standby and it will not have a support contract or subscription(s) entitlements.

In Thrive Esential these standby systems and spares offer a comprehensive solution for mission-critical environments. Standby systems, once placed into production as described above, are replaced through the Trellix RMA process for products formerly known as Fireeye as reflected in the associated Support Program.

If converting a cold standby system into a hot standby system or a production system, a support contract and subscription(s) must be purchased for the system from point of cold standby system purchase.

1.A cold standby system may be powered on and temporarily licensed once a quarter for the sole purpose of upgrading the system software.

Non-Returnable HDD and SSD Service

The Trellix Non-Returnable Hard Disk Drive (NRHDD) and Non-Returnable Solid State Drive (NRSSD) services are annual subscription programs for customers who cannot, or choose not to, return a defective or failed disk drive associated with certain Trellix appliances. Contact your Trellix account representative for details on the appliances supported by these programs.

No other models/platforms are covered.

The customer is responsible for disposing of the replaced disk drives in accordance with their internal data security compliance requirements and with applicable local environmental and other laws. If the NRHDD and/or NRSSD services are not exercised by the customer at the time of original purchase then the customer will indemnify, defend, release, and hold harmless Trellix from any and all claims and liabilities relating to confidential data that may be on a returned disk drive.

Service Term for NRHDD and NRSSD

The NRHDD and NRSSD services have an annual (1-year) or multi-year term and must:

  • Be coterminous with the Support (and any other) service purchased for the appliance(s)
  • Include the purchase of NRHDD and/or NRSSD for all appliances owned

The quantity purchased should reflect the total number of appliances owned.

The NRHDD and NRSSD services are to be purchased in conjunction with one of the Trellix Support Programs. Customers without a current Trellix Support Program cannot enroll in the NRHDD and NRSSD programs.

Advance Replacement

Prior to any return as to which Advance Replacement applies, Customer shall verify that the Product is defective by logging a Support Case, including providing the part number, serial number, quantity and reason for return, an explanation of all failure symptoms and other relevant information as requested. Upon confirmation by Trellix of a defect, Customer shall obtain from Trellix an RMA number. Trellix will ship via a recognized express courier replacement hardware to Customer no later than next business day after Trellix’s issuance of an RMA number, provided that (i) the RMA number was issued prior to the business day cutoff time local to the defective hardware, (ii) the replacement does not require any custom pre-configuration, and (iii) no external-to-Trellix circumstances prevent the delivery, including anything that would constitute a force majeure event and customs or import issues. The replacement hardware may be a new or reconditioned (of equivalent or better quality) at Trellix’s sole discretion. Trellix shall pay the shipping costs to ship the replacement hardware to Customer, but Customer shall bear any and all risk of loss of or damage to said hardware at all times after the hardware is made available by Trellix to the carrier. Customer's purchased Support Program will transfer from the defective hardware to the replacement hardware. Within five (5) business days after Customer receives the replacement hardware from Trellix, Customer shall package the defective hardware in its original packing material or equivalent, write the RMA number on the outside of the package and return said defective hardware, at Trellix’s cost provided Customer utilizes Trellix’s designated courier service and properly packages the defective hardware according to Trellix’s instructions, shipped properly insured, FOB Trellix’s designated facility (except that Trellix shall pay for shipping). Customer shall enclose with the returned hardware the applicable RMA form, and any other documentation or information requested by Trellix customer support. Customer shall assume any and all risk of loss of or damage to such hardware during shipping. Title to the defective hardware shall pass to Trellix upon Trellix’s receipt thereof. When a replacement hardware is provided and Customer fails to return the defective hardware to Trellix within ten (10) business days after Customer receives the replacement hardware from Trellix, Trellix may charge Customer, and Customer shall pay for the replacement Product at the then-current list price.

Support Terms

If the Customer purchases the Supported Offerings from Trellix through a Trellix authorized reseller (a "Reseller"), Customer will be entitled to the applicable Support described above as purchased, provided Customer: (a) is the original purchaser of the Supported Offerings, (b) has provided true, accurate, current and complete information to Trellix included with its purchase; and (c) has maintained and updated this information to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete.

Support Services will be provided according to the Support Program purchased by Customer during the term of Support (the "Support Term"), including any renewal terms. During the Support Term, Trellix will provide the following:

  • Software Updates - Trellix will provide Customer notification of bug fixes, maintenance patches and new releases which may contain minor enhancements to the features or functions of the Supported Offerings (“Updates”). Trellix may designate a particular release of the Supported Offerings as an Update at its sole discretion. Trellix reserves the right to impose additional charges for releases of Supported Offerings (i) that provide major enhancements to the features or functions of the Supported Offerings, as determined by Trellix at its sole discretion; or, (ii) that provide additional features or perform additional functions not provided or performed by the Supported Offerings.
  • Software Error Corrections - Trellix will use commercially reasonable efforts to correct any reproducible programming error in the software associated with the Supported Offerings attributable to Trellix, employing a level of effort commensurate with the severity of the error, provided, however, that Trellix will have no obligation to correct all errors in the Supported Offerings. Upon identification of any programming error, Customer will notify Trellix of such error in writing and will provide Trellix with enough information to locate and reproduce the error. Trellix will not be responsible for correcting any errors not attributable to Trellix. Errors attributable to Trellix will be those that are reproducible by Trellix on unmodified Supported Offerings. If it is found that a particular error is fixed in the most current Supported Offerings release, then Trellix will have no obligation to fix the error in any prior Supported Offerings release and Customer will need to upgrade to the current Supported Offering release in order to obtain the fix.
Customer Responsibilities
  • Requesting Support Services - When requesting Support, Customer should have the following information available to provide to Trellix, if requested: (i) detailed problem description, including operating system (“OS”) version, Product model and serial number(s), of the affected Supported Offering, and a detailed description of the troubleshooting that has already been done to try to resolve the problem; (ii) detailed system log files; (iii) configuration and login details to allow Trellix access as needed to the Products via the Internet for the purpose of providing support services and permissions needed in order for Trellix to conduct such remote access; (iv) a detailed description of changes to the environment; and (v) Customer’s unique ID, Account ID, or other unique customer identifier as assigned to Customer by Trellix. Customer acknowledges that failure to have any or all information or access available as needed by Trellix in order to provide Support may result in delays in Trellix’s response, may hinder Trellix’s ability to perform the Support and/or may cause incorrect Support Program fulfillment. Trellix will not be responsible for any such delays and inability to perform due to causes not due to Trellix.
  • Customer Assistance - Customer will: (i) ensure that their physical environment complies with any and all applicable Trellix published system environmental specifications; (ii) follow Trellix’s procedures when requesting Support; (iii) provide Trellix reasonable access to all necessary personnel to answer questions or resolve problems reported by Customer regarding the Supported Offerings; (iv) promptly implement all Updates and error corrections provided by Trellix; (v) maintain Trellix supported versions of required third party software, if any; and (v) notify Trellix promptly of any decommissioning of Products or relocation of the Products from the location to which the Products were originally shipped. Customer will use reasonable efforts to resolve internally any support questions prior to requesting Support. During the Support Term, Trellix, may obtain information regarding Customer’s use of the Supported Offerings and communications with Trellix, which information may include personal information such as email addresses, and Customer agrees that, as a condition to Trellix’s provision of Support, Trellix may use statistical data generated regarding Customer’s use of the Supported Offerings and communications with Trellix so long as the source or content of such communications and any personal data collected is not being disclosed to third parties. Providing Trellix with up-to-date location and usage information helps ensure accuracy in our provisioning of Support Services.
  • Contact People - Customer will appoint individuals within Customer's organization to serve as contacts between Customer and Trellix and to receive support through Trellix's Support channels which include, live chat, web, telephone and email. Customer’s contacts will have been adequately trained on the Products and will have sufficient technical expertise, training and experience. All of Customer's support inquiries will be initiated through these contacts.

Trellix will have no obligation or responsibility to provide any Support relating to problems arising out of or related to (i) Customer's failure to implement all Updates to the Supported Offerings which are made available to Customer; (ii) the failure to provide a suitable installation environment; (iii) any alteration, modification, enhancement or addition to the Products performed by parties other than Trellix; (iv) use of the Supported Offerings in a manner, or for a purpose, for which they were not designed; (v) accident, abuse, neglect, unauthorized repair, inadequate maintenance or misuse of the Products; or relocation of the Products (including without limitation damage caused by use of other than Trellix shipping containers), (vi) operation of the Products outside of environmental specifications; (vii) interconnection of the Supported Offerings with other products not supplied by Trellix; (viii) use of the Supported Offerings on any systems other than the specified hardware platform for such Supported Offerings; or (ix) introduction of data into any database used by the Supported Offerings by any means other than the use of the software associated with the Supported Offerings. Trellix will support all generally available ("GA") versions of the Trellix OS, for a minimum of one (1) year from GA release date, regardless of the number of supported OS GA versions. Trellix will also support the two (2) most current OS GA versions, regardless of the elapsed time from GA release date. If available, and at Trellix’s sole discretion, Support for any other OS versions or for other problems not covered above may be obtained at Trellix's then-current fees and policies for such services. Trellix’s complete end of life policy can be found here.

Data Privacy

Trellix has agreed to the European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses to help ensure an adequate level of data protection for the EU data that will be transferred to the US in the course of providing Trellix Offerings. To the extent a separate agreement between Customer and Trellix provides more stringent requirements as to data privacy, those more stringent requirements will control.

Lapsed Support and Upgraded Support
  • Lapsed Support - After any lapse of Support, the parties subsequently may elect to reinstate Support for Supported Offerings for which the Support lapsed; provided, however, that (i) Customer agrees to pay for the period of time that has lapsed as well as any renewal Support Term, and (ii) with respect to Products, such Products must be in good working condition, as solely determined by Trellix or its designee.
  • Support Program Upgrade - At any time during the Support Term, Customer may upgrade to Trellix's next level of Support by (i) notifying Trellix of Customer's desire to upgrade; (ii) acknowledging in writing the then-current terms and conditions for the relevant Support; and (iii) paying Trellix or the applicable Trellix reseller the additional Support Fees owed in connection with such upgraded Support.


For more information please contact us or call one of the following numbers:

U.S.A.: 1-855-434-7339
U.K.: 0-808-178-0483 (toll-free)
Outside the U.S./U.K. reference for your local toll free number or your Trellix regional office