Thanks for your interest in Trellix Spotlight Series: Trellix Network Forensics – An Introduction


What is network forensics? What data does it rely on? Why is it important to preserve and analyze this data? Join us for an hour-long session focused on Trellix Network Forensics (Packet Capture and Investigation Analysis) appliances.

Packet Capture enables you to identify and resolve security incidents faster by capturing and indexing full packets at high speeds, while Investigation Analysis reveals hidden threats and accelerates incident response with its centralized workbench and analytical interface. This unique combination of a high-performance packet capture and in-depth analytics helps organizations quickly recognize and closely analyze and investigate an attack.

This webinar introduces both systems, their common deployments, their relationship to each other, and an overview of Network Forensics integrations with other Trellix products and services. The session concludes with a demonstration of the Investigation Analysis Web UI and a Q&A session with seasoned Trellix Network Forensics professionals.

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