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In these special time over the past two years enterprise perimeter is dissolving with cloud transformation and remote work trends, opening more attack surfaces. As threats as ransomware is hitting also more the mid-market there should be a next step as compliance. Only security is no longer appropriate.

But Security Operations is struggling with several challenges:

  • Too many alerts with many false positives
  • Too many tools with missing integration
  • Lack of visibility taking a long time to aggregate data to discover a breach
  • Lack of context taking a long time to react on a breach

Watch this recording to learn how Trellix Helix can help you to improve the effectiveness of your SecOps Team, taking control of any incident from alert to fix, saving valuable time, resources and effort. This unified security operations platform addresses traditional SIEM shortfalls while delivering highly efficient, low-maintenance security automation. Helix analytics automates the detection of suspicious activity in your environment using techniques that rules alone cannot provide. The correlation of alerts and enrichment with threat intelligence data adds analytics advisories that help you identify additional data sources for analytics detections in your environment.

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