Thanks for your interest in Trellix Spotlight Series: Leveraging EDR Integrations into SOC Processes to Build a Better Defense

When adding another SecOps tool into the day-to-day mix of tools and techniques used during investigation and triaging threats, a common concern for the SOC is how they can best incorporate the data and features of that tool into their processes so that they are not duplicating functionality provided by an assortment of a mixture of free and commercial tools, and that they are getting the full value of the data gathered from the tool into the defense layer, to quickly pre-emptively block and interrupt attacks before they need to be triaged.

MVISION EDR offers several features natively and externally via API integration which can provide the SOC the ability to consolidate their tools and techniques used during investigation and triage, as well as interact directly with the defense layer to save the business both on time and costs, when tackling threats.

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