Thanks for your interest in How to protect against Ransomware using Trellix Native XDR (US and Canada)

Our Masterclass Series distills today’s most relevant use cases from Trellix’s wide range of Cyber Security, Data Protection and Sec Ops Workshops to arm you with a better understanding on how to use Trellix solutions to defend your organization against ever-evolving cyber and insider threats.

In this session, we will dive into how to Protect against different types of Ransomware techniques using Trellix Native XDR. Ransomware continues to be a top concern for every organization. However, Ransomware does not start with encryption, and you can prevent the impact. A threat actor delivering ransomware uses many similar techniques to other attacks, such as phishing, and use of common sysadmin tools. Understanding the techniques and the most effective defenses will help you identify attacks early and stop them.

Watch this recording to view live Ransomware attack scenarios and learn how to use Trellix XDR to detect and respond before an impact to the business.

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