Thanks for your interest in Trellix Spotlight Series: Trellix Cloudvisory – Comprehend your Cloud Security Landscape


In today’s day and age, managing multi-clouds environments is the ultimate eventuality for organizations. Commitment to cloud security is growing but managing it remains a complex affair due to the use of different cloud platforms and dynamic cloud infrastructure.

If you are interested in leveraging through an integrated view of your cloud security posture, implementing compliance checks in accordance with industry regulations and cloud-specific standards and best practices, staying ahead of probable threats with real-time intel, ensuring better collaboration across Dev / Prod / Security teams, and last but not the least benefit from cloud native micro-segmentation and unified control over cloud sprawl and infrastructure misconfiguration, than you will want to know more about Trellix Cloudvisory.

Watch this webinar where we will take you through the Trellix Cloudvisory story, how it can contribute to your cloud security posture management as well as the cloud IT service model.

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