SecOps Services

Optimize your security operations for better operational collaboration and threat correlation.

Assess the maturity of your security environment to uncover operational gaps

Effective information security management is more than just putting out fires. Organizations must identify and uncover operational challenges in the environment and address potential gaps.

Our security operations offerings can help fill in the gaps with services that focus on assessing the maturity of your security operations in terms of people, processes, technologies, and tools to achieve your security goals. These include adversarial simulations, social engineering campaigns, real-world attack simulations, threat hunting, and more.

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Threat Hunting

Searches through dark web, blogs, and news articles related to cyber intelligence, threat intelligence, and human intelligence to identify advanced threats that evade current security solutions.

  • Threat Hunting Assessment
  • Threat Hunting Program Development
  • FIRE-TH Security Training

SOC Program Development

Analyzes the gaps in your cybersecurity operation center and make recommendations to improve your people, process, and technology.

  • SOC Program Development
  • SOC Assessment
  • SOC Gap Analysis
  • SOC Essentials

Infrastructure Testing

Secures internal network infrastructure by testing potential points of attack and identifies vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to your enterprise.

  • Network Testing
  • Pen Testing
  • Cloud Security Assessment

Operational Security Assessment

Evaluates your current security state, improves your operational workflow, and expands your knowledge and skill sets to improve productivity and decrease downtime.

  • Skills and gap assessment

Industrial Control Systems Assessment

Identifies and prioritizes risks to SCADA systems, analyzes threats, and resolves vulnerabilities in your critical infrastructure. 

Vulnerability Management

Helps you achieve the highest levels of assurance and business value from your security investments.

  • Assessment

Specialized Testing

Safeguards information systems from exploitation and evaluates the human element in protecting critical data.

  • Social Engineering

Red Team

Improves the effectiveness of your defensive capability and resilience to sophisticated attacks within a controlled, realistic situation.

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