Email Security

Over 90% of successful cyber attacks begin with email. Stop ransomware, business email compromise, spear phishing, and impersonation.

What is Email Security?

Email security consists of on-premises or cloud-based secure email gateways (SEGs) and cloud-native API-enabled email security (CAPES) solutions.

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How does email security prevent credential harvesting?

Trellix Email Security thwarts credential harvesting with URL analysis, machine learning, and rigorous inspections, enhancing overall cybersecurity.

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Trellix Email Security

Comprehensive email protection to identify, isolate, and protect against advanced URL and attachment-based attacks.

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Latest Threat Report

Latest Threat Report

November 2023

Authored by Trellix’s Advanced Research Center, this report highlights insights, intelligence, and guidance gleaned from multiple sources of critical data.

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