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Seasoned Security Researcher

Raul Collantes


Seasoned Security Researcher

Raul Collantes is a seasoned Security Researcher at Trellix. He joined McAfee in 2010 and since then he has worked in multiple areas such as vulnerability research and management, policy compliance and post-exploitation research leading globally distributed research teams. In the last 3 years, Raul has put the focus on Endpoint Detection and Response technologies helping the company to develop defensive countermeasures, improving the effectiveness and ability to detect real world threats and actors. On year 2021 he joined the “MITRE Readiness” group, responsible of preparing and guiding McAfee Engineering & Content team to succeed at MITRE Round4 Evaluations (Wizard Spider and Sandworm) .

In his free time, Raul develops his mechanics skills by doing Do-it-yourself enhancement to his cars, plays MMORPG and watches anime with his family.

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