Learn and adapt at the speed of dynamic threats

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The new standard in business resilience

Malicious actors are more skilled than ever at changing their tactics to compromise your business. That’s why we created living security, a constantly evolving security ecosystem that adapts and responds to dynamic threats.

Adaptive defense at every stage of the attack cycle

Before an attack

Trellix XDR continuously learns of new threats and adapts your defenses to optimize readiness before attacks arrive.

During an attack

With adaptive detection and response, Trellix XDR works at machine speeds to stop attacks from advancing.

After an attack

Gaining insights from every event, Trellix helps you strengthen your security posture whenever your system is attacked.

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Schedule a 30-minute XDR strategy session

Meet with a Trellix expert to explore your organization’s next steps toward true adaptive defense. Each session includes a current-state assessment and a customized XDR roadmap report.

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Cyberthreats aren’t static, and our adversaries never stand still. Security operations teams are bearing the brunt of more sophisticated threats, increasing technology complexity, and the cybersecurity skills shortage.  

Trellix is focused on helping our customers deploy XDR capabilities to level the playing field with attackers.”

Bryan Palma
Chief Executive Officer