Steps to Making the Business Case for XDR

Work environments continue to evolve with innovative digital transformation. Cybersecurity must keep up with this expanding threat landscape. Extended detection response (XDR) has emerged as the technology to address today's security challenges of poor visibility and control, insufficient resources, fatigue and attrition, and high risk and costs.

Can you justify this investment?

This webinar will help you build a business case for XDR by offering the quantifiable benefits, cost impact, and how it will enhance future strategies. The evidence is building that XDR delivers value. In fact, a recent Gartner survey found that 57% of organizations resolved security threats faster after implementing an XDR strategy.

Topics include:

  • Measuring security effectiveness
  • How to enhance security operations productivity
  • Return on investment (with existing and new technologies)
  • Examples of tangible value from real companies

Walk away with key information to develop your business case for XDR.

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