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RSA Conference 2023 highlighted how the cybersecurity industry must band together—to outpace threats, to build innovative solutions, to create a safer future.

These resources empower you to do that. Explore the videos to boost your cyber knowledge and gain the insight you need to help usher in a new era of security.

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Watch Bryan Palma’s keynote

Too many companies still rely on outdated security technology. It’s time to change that. Learn from Trellix CEO Bryan Palma how to leave legacy technology in the past, rethink everything we know about cybersecurity, and bring about the SOC of the future.

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Video courtesy of RSA Conference 2023

Webinars: Prepare for the SOC of the future

Trellix Endpoint Security best practices

The rise in hybrid work and cloud apps means strong endpoint security is more crucial than ever. Discover where to start, what you can do to optimize your configuration, and how to troubleshoot.

Making the business case for XDR

XDR is key to addressing challenges like poor visibility and alert fatigue in SecOps. Understand how it improves productivity, effectiveness, and ROI so you can build a business case for leadership.

Trellix DLP best practices

With so much data moving every day, protecting it is critical. Learn how to develop, deploy, and manage a comprehensive DLP program so your business can keep data safe and stay compliant.

Email security for tomorrow

Email is one of the most vulnerable attack vectors, and keeping it safe is a top challenge for SecOps teams. See how to ensure your email environment stays protected from dynamic threats.

Trellix Network Security best practices

Your business must be able to identify and respond to threats quickly. Find out how Trellix NDR enables real-time monitoring, hear the latest trends in network security, and explore use cases.

Ready to plan your security’s future?

Book an XDR strategy session with a Trellix solution architect to discover actionable steps for advancing your security—complete with a customized maturity report, journey map, and recommendations.