Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

Simplify & Accelerate Response.


  • Automate Incident Response
    Automate incident response with playbooks that standardize the investigation and response process, eliminating errors and improving analysts’ efficiency. Analysts can design and implement custom playbooks or use pre-built plays taken from actual incident response. Collect investigation artefacts and collaborate between analysts. By shrinking the time from detection to resolution, Helix with SOAR reduces demands on already stretched SOC teams by maintaining process consistency.
  • Consolidate your security tools
    Bring disparate cyber security tools together so your SOC has greater control over the investigation and incident response process. Helix enables you to rapidly connect to appliances, obtain information and push commands through an intuitive user interface. By saving time and resources through SOC orchestration, your organization can increase the ROI of your existing security investments.
  • Simplify and streamline your security processes
    Automate repeatable human tasks to improve analysts’ speed and efficiency. Easily create and assign granular policies, build workflows with libraries of pre-canned playbooks, and develop custom playbooks with pre-built scripts. Helix decreases teams’ mean time to detect by enabling security tools to automatically perform analysis.


Process Automation

Implement custom incident response workflow automation between your security appliances.

Open Plugin framework

Consolidate & integrate disparate security tools and data from over 650 data sources from Trellix and 3rd party tools. .

Incident response playbooks

Upskill your analysts and accelerate investigations with pre-built courses of action developed by our seasoned incident responders and/or custom build to adapt to your best practices.

Case management

Collaborate between analyst and incident response teams by storing correlated alerts and artifacts in an intuitive case management system. Create role-based groups and assign granular permissions for enhanced workflow management.

Intuitive user interface

Enable security teams to easily connect to security tools with a simplified abstraction layer to retrieve and push information. Affect changes at the network, host and application levels and even physical access control systems with the click of a button.

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