Trellix MOVE AntiVirus

Optimized security for virtualized environments.

Security for virtual desktops and servers

Seamless Management

A single solution for virtual servers and desktops works across all major hypervisors. An agentless, tuned option works on VMware NSX and VMware vCloud Networking and Security.

Zero-day Threats Protection

Quickly detect and contain zero-day threats and integrate perimeter and virtual machine protection using local reputation intelligence (module sold separately).

Complete Visibility

See into all workloads and their underlying platforms through Cloud Workload Discovery for private cloud deployments, covering VMware and OpenStack.

Simple, Single Console Management

Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator implements security solutions across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Offload Malware Scanning

Get instant protection for virtual servers and desktops—with minimal impact on memory and processing.

Prevent Antivirus Storms

Manage peak-demand requests for virus scans that can impact performance. On-access and on-demand virus scans reduce bottlenecks.

Product Features

Enable Flexible Deployment

Run the same solution across multiplatform environments—including all major hypervisors and Windows VMs— and agentless (VMware, Windows, and Linux VMs).

Improve Resource Optimization

Scale your scanning power up or down with elastic provisioning of offline scanners with event notifications (multiplatform).

Manage Policies

Unify policies and automatically tag vulnerable virtual machines.

Take the next step toward living security for your endpoints