Trellix Intrusion Prevention System

The IPS that goes way beyond signatures.


  • Superior Detection
    Real-time signature-based intrusion prevention to stop initial reconnaissance, plus signatureless detection to catch unknown exploits.
  • High Performance
    Integration with AWS GWLB provides automatic scaling for elastic workloads; on-prem appliances: up to 100Gbps.
  • Reduced Complexity
    Fewer components eases deployment and management. Integration with AWS GWLB simplifies high availability. Unified policies across all networks.


Extend Botnet Intrusion Detection and Network Analysis

Find stealthy botnets, worms, and reconnaissance attacks hiding across the network landscape.

Enhance Threat Correlation and Context

Collect flow data from switches and routers and integrate with Network Threat Behavior Analysis to correlate unusual network behavior.

Deployment Flexibility

Discover and block advanced threats on-premises, in virtual environments, software-defined data centers, and private and public clouds.

Increase Virtual Network Visibility

Gain east-west network visibility and threat protection across virtualized infrastructure and data centers.

Inspect Network Traffic

Decrypt and analyze network traffic with inbound and outbound SSL decryption

Multiple Clouds, One Purchase

Install and share inspection throughput across all private, public, and hybrid clouds through shared licensing and throughput model.

Deploys in the cloud and on-prem

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Why IPS Still Matters

Despite its reputation as a mature, commodity, technology, IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) are still an essential part of network security strategy.

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