Finding Context in Advanced Threat Hunting: How Humans and Machines Team to Outwit and Out-Maneuver Adversaries

Finding Context in Advanced Threat Hunting: How Humans and Machines Team to Outwit and Out-Maneuver Adversaries

Gathering the critical context needed for threat hunting means spotting patterns and abnormalities. Advanced analytics, the historical record of anomalous behavior in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and human+machine teaming make this ability faster and more effective.

At the same time, threat hunting is personal. Advanced threat hunters spend 70% more time on customization and fine-tuning tools and techniques to identify the footprint of an attacker.

Security operations professionals who are looking to improve their threat hunting abilities should join renowned cybersecurity expert Peter Stephenson and McAfee’s Michael Leland on 13 September, as they discuss:

  • Curation of threat intelligence feeds to support specific vulnerability profiles in the enterprise
  • Use of automation in SIEM and human+machine teaming to identify analogous patterns of anomalous behavior
  • Customization of scripts and tool and process adjustments to adapt to changing tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)
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Featured Speakers

Peter Stephenson

Technology Editor, SC Magazine
Cyber criminologist, PhD, CISSP (ret)
Dr. Peter Stephenson is a cyber criminologist, digital investigator and digital forensic scientist. He has lectured extensively on digital investigation and security, and has written, edited or contributed to over 20 books and several hundred articles in major industry publications. He is on the editorial advisory boards of several publications, authors the “The Threat Hunter” blog, and is technology editor for SC Magazine.

Michael Leland

McAfee Principal Engineer & SIEM CTO
Michael served formerly as the CTO at NitroSecurity bringing with him over 17 years of senior IT leadership experience. Michael has held senior technical management positions at companies such as Eziaz, Cabletron and Avaya. At Avaya, a global telecommunications equipment and services vendor, he served as CTO where he led the company in its strategic efforts for converged data/voice development initiatives.

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