Transform Time into a Cybersecurity Advantage

Transform Time into a Cybersecurity Advantage

What determines success in security? Increasingly, the answer is “time.” Today, attackers have a time advantage. They design attacks that deliberately hide from defenses, and spread across your infrastructure in stealth while evading detection. Defenders must identify strategies that allow them to regain time as an advantage.

In this webcast, Derek Brink, VP and Research Fellow, Aberdeen Research and Candace Worley, VP and Chief Technical Strategist, McAfee will discuss how to transform time from being a white hat’s enemy to a cybersecurity advantage.

They will discuss:

  • Four areas where adversaries have the edge today.
  • The quantifiable reduced risk to your business once time is on your side.
  • How cybersecurity professionals need to work outside of traditional IT constraints to move from the defense to the offense.
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Featured Speakers

Derek Brink

Aberdeen Group
Derek Brink is a Vice President and Research Fellow for Aberdeen. He helps organizations to improve their security and compliance initiatives by researching, writing about and speaking about the people, processes and technologies that correspond most strongly with leading performance.

Candace Worley

Candace Worley is Vice President and Chief Technical Strategist for McAfee. She manages a worldwide team of Technical Strategists responsible for driving thought leadership and advancing technical innovation in McAfee security solutions.

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