A Solution Architect’s View on GDPR Preparation

A Solution Architect’s View on GDPR Preparation

Enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is less than a year away—May 25, 2018, to be exact. Whether your organization has offices in the European Union (EU) or does business with entities in the EU, complying with stringent GDPR requirements is by no means a simple proposition. Delivering personal data protection continues to be a challenge and a priority as the business, technology, and threat landscapes evolve and become more complex. Where do you begin?

In this webcast Mo Cashman, Principle Engineer and Enterprise Security Architect, and Cindy Chen, Data Protection Specialist from McAfee will discuss the first steps to help you better prepare for your GDPR program, specifically around the topics of:

  • Discovery and Assessment
  • Data Protection Program
  • Cloud Data Protection
  • Application Security
  • Security Operation Center
While no single vendor or solution can guarantee full compliance with GDPR, McAfee can be your trusted partner to assist you in this transformation through its technology solutions and services across these areas of the data security lifecycle.

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Featured Speakers

Mo Cashman,

Principle Engineer, McAfee
Mo Cashman is one of McAfee’s passionate leaders in cyber security. As an Enterprise Architect and recently appointed Principle Engineer at McAfee, Mo inspires our next generation security professionals and advises our largest global customers on how to make security an enabler for their business. Mo’s passion is to change the way we think about, measure and operate security systems. With that passion and over 20 years experience, Mo currently leads development efforts in security effectiveness testing, value measurement, and integrated security system design. In previous roles at McAfee, Mo was the Chief Security Officer for the Global Public Sector and just prior to joining McAfee, lead a large Computer Security Incident Response Team investigating sophisticated cyber threats for the US Defense Department in Europe.

Cindy Chen,

Data Protection Specialist, McAfee
Cindy Chen has over 10 years of experience in the cyber-security industry. As a data protection specialist, Cindy is passionate about educating the field and sharing best practices on creating a better data security culture. Cindy has conducted primary research projects on data exfiltration, and spearheaded thought leadership programs via webinars, videos, and industry roundtable discussions. Prior to McAfee, Cindy has held various positions in the high-tech industry. Cindy holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Santa Clara University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from University of Wisconsin - Madison. In her spare time Cindy enjoys cooking, creating recipes, and traveling.

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