Are you Getting the Most Value out of Your XDR Solution?

Today, the threat landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Security threats are more dynamic and sophisticated than ever, and static and siloed solutions are simply not enough to keep businesses protected. Organizations today are reporting they do not have the resources to coordinate an inordinate number of alerts across disparate security tools, are in critical need of a way to simplify their security operations and seek solutions that connect their technologies and tools to provide a seamless SecOps experience in one place.

Join Rob Cappiello, Director of Product Management – Trellix, and guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, VP Research – Forrester, as they provide:

  • an understanding of where the XDR market is currently
  • the problems that XDR is best positioned to solve; and
  • why organizations should consider XDR as part of their security operations environment.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in industry polls as well as submit questions throughout the webinar.

During this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • How XDR can help security operations professionals
  • What XDR is, what XDR isn’t, and how best XDR vendors can help their customers
  • Native vs. Hybrid XDR
  • What does the future of XDR hold?

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